Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Nida Yasir Brand Ambassador Star Pearl Lawn

Star textile launches its 2011 summer lawn collection with Nida Yasir as Brand Ambassador. Star textile brings out that feminine charm which underlines grace and sophistication, with an idealism that fuses modernism with inherent traditionalism.

Whether you know her as Nida Pasha or Nida Yasir, there is no denying that this young starlet has made a name for herself not because of her illustrious show biz background but by dint of her own talent and hard work. DesiGirlsClub.com chats with her about her transition from a budding TV artiste during her carefree days as a single woman to her present position of celebrity married to a colleague.

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The Most Beautiful Fashion Rings Gift For Women

The sapphire stone is one of the most sensual and romantic types of gemstone that is available for engagement and wedding rings that a couple can choose for their own ring set.

What is everyone is wearing? Fashion is trendy, it is comfortable, and it is completely subjective. Celebrities, designers and retail stores try to dictate fashion, but really what it boils down to is what each individual likes and wears.

Trends in Fashion Rings change like the wind, depending on what is fashionable in clothes. At the end of the day most people have there own unique tastes. I might like red, another person pink, and so it goes on, there is some people that follow what is in now or like the actors and other well known people are wearing like say for instance Victoria Beckham, people rush to copy her hairstyle or outfits.

Some of the well know fashion rings, from Ireland the Claddagh rings, symbolic image with the heart and clasping hands, the eternal love from one person to another.

For brides and grooms who are interested in wearing a meaningful wedding ring that carries a certain symbol or signification, a sapphire wedding ring can make an ideal choice. Even this stunning gemstone can be found in various vibrant colors, and besides the popular blue sapphire wedding rings, the wedding ring can also make a striking selection for couples who wish to wear a colored modern wedding ring.
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Exclusive Handbags collection 2011

Well, ladies, spring is on its way out and summer is at the back door. If you’re like me, changing your handbag is akin to spring cleaning. However, as trite as it may sound, simply switching out handbags is a wonderful way to keep your look fresh and up to date.

Very few women are indifferent about the way they look when they are going out. For the most part, ladies enjoy looking great and consider travelling with a good-looking handbag an absolute necessity. Whether country gals, island girls or uptown ladies, most of them have an idea of what the perfect handbag looks like and they soon hope to have it hanging from their arm.

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Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Girls

Mehndi’s origin was from Africa. But its use starts from sub-continent which today known as India and Pakistan.

Mehndi (Henna) is famous in East From centuries. In late times it was used to dye the grey hair and also the hands of brides at the time of wedding. But as time passed its use become modernized just like a lot of other things. Also technology make it more fashion oriented.

It can give pretty and beautiful colour not only to hands but also every different region have its own style of Mehndi like Arabic Mehndi, Indian designs of Mehndi, grecee style, Sudanic Mehndi style etc. All are different but one common thing they all have is that every design uniquely give beautiful color to hands and feet.

Eid Special Mehndi Designs for Girls

In Pakistan mehndi is known more commonly as Henna. This is a plant whose leaves leave an impression on the skin – particularly palms and feet – of women very much like a tattoo. However, while the tattoo is permanent, Henna effects lasts about three to four weeks at best. The color varies from dark red to deep brown depending upon how long the henna is kept on the skin. Sometimes, addition of oil and lemon make the color darker and last longer.

When used for weddings and other special occasions like Eid women take the help of professional Henna designers who have learnt a great number of designs for hands and legs. The hands are decorated both the sides (palms and opposite side) and it sometimes takes more than three hours for application only. The paste once applied needs to be kept as long as possible on the hands and legs; the longer it is kept, the better the color would be.
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